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Production and wholesale

A Hangers & Co clothes hanger is not just any other clothes hanger. As a producer and wholesaler of clothes hangers, we offer hangers made of hard beech wood. A material that guarantees extraordinary strength and durability. As quality-conscious company, Hangers & Co pays the greatest possible care to its production. The result is an efficient and optimum production process. Our factories in Europe and Asia also have the latest technology. Much attention is paid to environmental aspects. Hangers & Co has been awarded the FSC certificate, which means we cooperate in targeted deforestation and structural reforestation. What's more, as a product of nature, wood is very friendly to the environment. Choose from a wide range of models, in various sizes and colours, With or without your name or logo. We deliver wooden clothes hangers worldwide, fast and at very competitive prices.


Clothes hangers voor confection

Clothes hangers are a standard item in the fashion world. They offer interesting commercial and aesthetic possibilities. Hangers for men, women and children… Skirts, blouses, shirts, pants or jackets… Our clothing hangers are adapted to each piece of clothing. Hangers & Co clothes hangers are not only practical, they also ensure a perfect presentation and give your creations extra charm. Hangers & Co delivers wooden clothes hangers throughout the world, to the most reputable brands in the business.


Clothes hangers for your business

There are clothes hangers and then there are clothes hangers. Hangers & Co clothes hangers provide the right support for each article of clothing, allowing it to retain its ideal shape. Your products deserveoptimum presentation in line with your shop's style. Our functional clothes hangers ensure you a lasting and elegant solution. Hangers & Co delivers wooden clothes hangers throughout the world. From reputable flagship stores to the local clothing shop down the street. /p>


Clothes hangers for children’s wear

The atmosphere of a children´s clothing store is essential. Every detail is important, including the clothes hangers. Hangers & Co clothes hangers offer playful possibilities for the attractive presentation of your children´s clothing. Children´s clothes hangers are smaller and have a specially adapted shape. They can be equipped with playful, cheerful accents. In short, an extra incentive to buy. Hangers & Co delivers wooden clothes hangers to the most reputable children´s clothing brands.

Hangers for lingerie

Hangers & Co Lingerie clothes hangers are in a class of their own. An appealing presentation is especially important for these hangers. Hangers&Co lingerie hangers are well-designed and attractive. They are beautifully finished and equipped with handy accessoires. Your guarantee of seductive sales figures! Hangers&Co delivers clothes hangers specially designed for the most reputable lingerie brands.

Clothes hangers for hotels and hospitality

Hotels, restaurants, cafes, cloakrooms… Here again clothes and coat hangers should especially be functional. Hangers & Co clothes hangers are available in a large number of models, sizes and colours. Choose the most efficient clothes hanger, in harmony with the interior of your business. All our clothes hangers can be personalised with your logo and equipped with a convenient anti-theft system. Hangers & Co delivers clothes hangers to numerous hotels and hospitality sector businesses in Belgium and abroad.